Style Tips for Skinny, Large and Athletic People

Style Tips For Skinny People

• Go to the gym and workout, with enough work even guys with smaller frames can pack on muscle (see the supplemental fitness guide).

• Wear fitted clothes. If your clothes are too baggy, they actually make you look skinnier.

• On the flip side, don’t wear clothes that are TOO tight. You don’t want to look like you have chicken arms/legs. Straight or boot-cut jeans good, skinny jeans bad.

• Avoid jackets/blazers with shoulder pads. These can make you look unbalanced.

• Avoid pin stripes and wear patterns and horizontal stripes that give you a wider profile.

• Jackets should not extend beyond your hip, otherwise they will make your legs look too thin. On the flip side, if the jacket is too short, it will make you look like a little kid.

• Layering is great not only for staying warm and creating a more interesting look, but it can also add some bulk to your frame, and make you look less skinny.

• Avoid wearing large belt buckles, as they will make you look skinnier by contrast.

Style Tips For Large People

• As with most men, fit is key. You don’t want to wear clothes are too tight, as they can reveal some undesirable curves, but don’t wear your clothes so loose that they make you look bigger than you are.

• The old cliche is that black is slimming, and it’s true. If you want to appear skinnier, stick to darker hues. Avoid bright colors and bold patterns unless you don’t mind drawing attention to your weight and are confident about your body.

• Don’t carry excess baggage in your pockets, which will make you look bigger.

• Wear low-rise jeans, and make sure that your belly does not protrude over your waist line.

• Wearing jackets and blazers with wider shoulders can give your body a more attractive “V” appearance, and draw attention to your shoulders rather than your torso/midsection.

• Posture is key. Stand/sit up straight, roll your shoulders back, and keep your core/stomach tight. Slouching will make you look larger, in an unattractive way.

• Avoid bulky tops, and wear shirts with vertical lines. The idea is draw the viewer’s eye vertically, rather than horizontally.

• A fit body is an attractive body; see the supplemental fitness guide.

Style Tips For Athletic People

• Wear fitted clothing to show off your body, but avoid wearing clothing that’s too tight, unless you’re going for the muscle look, which can appear a little try-hard.

• Good posture is key: keep your shoulders rolled back and down and your back straight. This will make you look stronger and more confident.

• Consider wearing tank tops if you have nice looking arms.

• The more masculine your physique, the more you can experiment with more feminine touches without appearing too feminine because of the dichotomy of masculinity vs. femininity. Try experimenting with purple or pink shirts.