Clothing Catalogs Inspire Basic Wardrobe Planning

Women’s fashion catalogs are a frugal source of style ideas. Most are free. Fashion consultant Mary Lou Andre suggests that women collect pages for basic wardrobe planning. This strategy makes more sense than heading to the mall to see what is there, only to be disappointed. This is especially true for the over-50 woman, who may find local retailers cater to the younger crowd that uses the mall as a place to socialize.

We can collect free clothing catalogs that fit our lifestyles, tastes, and budgets. Items that we see in magazines may not be available where we shop. Catalog collections are a telephone call or online order away.

Online sites are especially useful for creating a mix-and-match outfit. You can see at a glance whether the items are in your price range, available, and will look good together.

Here are some benefits of basic wardrobe planning and clothes shopping using free clothing catalogs:

  • Find ideas for updating clothing items already owned by teaming with something new and stylish.
  • Learn that an item in the back of your closet is back in vogue.
  • Spot style and color trends in women’s clothing. Unlike the extreme or expensive fashion in many magazines, we can collect inspirations that are right for our lifestyles.
  • Find hard-to-fit sizes, such as tall, petite, plus, and styles that to fit the changing figures of women over 50.
  • Create an inspiration book for the wardrobe you’d like to have.
  • See new ways to accessorize and combine colors. One year, black and brown were the hot new winter combination. Who could dream this up without browsing style suggestions?
  • Note make-up and hairstyles. Is that tube of orange lipstick still in style? Could your hair use reshaping?
  • Scan a wider range of styles than you would ever be able to see at local stores. Some retailers market solely online.
  • Compare prices immediately, without running from one store to another. And there’s no disappointment of finding that perfect item, the last one available, is not your size.

Some women’s fashion catalogs are targeted at older women. Models may be in their 40s, which is downright elderly for the modeling trade. They may seem like kids to those of us who are 50, 60, 70, and beyond. Yet older faces wearing stylish clothing is rarely seen in fashion magazines.

One clothing website with the older woman in mind and a social conscience is Esperanza Threads. The simple designs look comfortable and are made by low-income women as a project of the Grassroots Coalition for Environmental and Social Justice. Everything from baby rompers to meditation pillows to women’s clothing is made by Esperanza Threads. The clothing is photographed on women who look like the goddess next door with a variety of body types.

If you are worried about online shopping, most retail websites are hyper-security conscious. For example, if a local retailer has neglected strong security protections for credit card checks, your credit card information can be scanned by scammers with special equipment from a passing car. Be careful, but don’t let your concern stop you from online clothes shopping.

In summary, free clothing catalogs offer a treasure of women’s fashion ideas, a wide array of styles and sizes, convenient clothes shopping, and the tools for planning a basic wardrobe that is right for you.