Essential Marketing Tips For Actors

The best way to successfully jump start your acting career is to clarify what you are selling. What is your Market? Niche? Brand?

The first step for most actors is getting roles in unpaid off-off Broadway showcases which give you experience on stage or in student/indie films which give you experience in front of a camera. It’s good to observe and see the process but not so good for a healthy income or any at all! When you want to move on and have a real acting career (great roles, income, credibility, status) you need to meet agents to get representation and casting directors of major series and films to get cast.

But here’s the catch. If you want to be successful at your meetings, you need to bring something crucial to the table-your brand, your unique quality. (Otherwise you just get lost in the shuffle- Agents and CD’s see hundreds of actors monthly!)

The way to make that happen is simple. Here’s an example.

1- Choose your one market and focus on that first. PRIMETIME Drama
2- Then, find your niche – the kind of roles you can easily play and for which you will be called frequently. Spies, Action adventure heroes, CIA Agents
3- Define your unique quality/brand. “Sweet-Looking, but Tough Wise-Ass” Result: Michael Weston on Burn Notice

The clearer you are about your brand the sooner you will work. Why? Because if CD’s see you as a specific type you become memorable, a recognizable product. Recognizable products become very popular just like designer fashions because when someone buys your product they know exactly what they’re getting.

Guaranteed. Every time. So, if you specialize in “spies, upscale lawyers, nasty teenagers, vulnerable sweet guys, psycho-murderers” those roles will be offered to you, you suddenly get booked a lot, your income skyrockets and you get put on the A list. Then you have control over your career and the roles you want to play. You’re in demand! Success! That’s how it works.

But first, you need to do a little work. You have to figure out your brand.

This exercise works:
Send an email to 10 friends, family members or co-workers and ask them to describe your 3 most striking qualities. You’ll be amazed when several depict YOU in the same words – that’s your unique quality, your brand. Just sum it up in a short log line and relate it to role in a TV series or film. Here are a few from current clients:

Green-eyed Southern Belle with a husky laugh, war hero gone to seed, “flubby” suburban Dad, chain smoking, adoring Mom, psychic sidekick with a handgun, Hippie biker chick, ditzy office worker, sweet 4th grade teacher-victim, Hot guy with a dorky smile, striking brunette with a passion for shopping, pageant queen turned soccer mom, brainy, arrogant computer geek

FOCUS on making your brand a standout, memorable. Refine it, polish it, and make it sparkling like a diamond. Spiff up. You may have to do some “tweaking” to your image. Long straggly hair not working? Be different- curl it, wave it, cut it, or make it swing and frame your face. Make it work for you. Find a “YOU” hairstyle. Scraggly beard, goatee, shaved head not getting you an agent or any auditions? (The style could be too common right now and unless you have to have a shaved head because you are close to being bald- it’s probably a better choice to move on with another look).

The idea is to stand out from the crowd not fit in. If you look like every other actress and actor auditioning how are they going to remember you? Maybe you need to go back to the real you before your current hairstyle OR commit to having a style. Highlight those drab brown locks, grow that hair back in, re-create your image so it’s unmistakably yours, not the trendy look of yesterday or what every other out-of-work actor is doing currently with their image.

Dare to be different. Different works. Different books. Different is memorable, the goal of every actor. If Casting Directors remember you, they hire you! If you work a lot…Agents come running!

Revise your wardrobe- if your image above the neck has evolved, maybe your clothes have to be “tweaked” as well. Still wearing your college jeans and t-shirt? Yeah, great! So when you go to meet a top Agent or Casting Director they perceive that you’re still in “school” mode (read “student, amateur, unpolished”). “More actors lose roles because of their too casual, unprofessional appearance then because of the lack of training or talent.”

Think “professional” as in doctor, lawyer, FBI agent, news journalist, military hero, cop, forensic expert, fashion editor …just like the roles you’ll be submitted for on every current show… unless you’re 17 and going out for a role on Gossip Girl. Even then, those kids dress pretty upscale for teens-designer clothes not sloppy blue jeans. You may also have to get new head shots, re-design your resume, re-edit your reel or shoot a new one and update your website. (Moan, groan…”I have to spend any money?” Yeah, you do if you want to be in the running for any major roles).

All your marketing tools need to reflect your brand and how you look now so when you walk in the door that Casting Director holding your picture in her hand and smiling, says to herself, “YES!” That’s exactly the guy I wanted for this project.”

You’re in! Now, all you have to do is act. Easy!

Successful Marketing!

Affordable Timex Watches for Teens

Timex Retro Archie Mid-Size Quartz Calculator Digital Dial Alarm Rubber Strap Watch

We all know that teens can be a little bit, well, careless sometimes. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve beautiful, delicate, and fun accessories to don as they hop from the mall to the movie theater. They will certainly be the envy of all of their friends with this fun, functional, and retro alarm watch. The Timex Retro Archie Mid-Size Quartz Calculator Digital Dial Alarm Rubber Strap Watch has a durable rubber strap to withstand everything from backyard volleyball games to basement rough housing. So feel confident when you send them out with this wonderful watch. They’ll have no excuse for not being home by curfew when they’ve got this super cool timepiece to depend on!

Timex Retro Archie Mid-Size Quartz Calculator Digital Dial Alarm Rubber Strap Watch

Watches and watch faces are, in essence, small works of wearable art. The design possibilities are literally limitless. You can buy watches in any style of art you can imagine, from Art Deco to Art Nouveau, from classical to postmodern. The Timex Retro Archie Mid-Size Quartz Calculator Digital Dial Alarm Rubber Strap Watch is truly a conversation piece with its unique calculator face. This accessory is not simply just for fashion. Nor is it simply just for function. This watch will be worn daily as it is the perfect combination of both fashion and function. Your teen can impress their friends with this watch as they calculate the tip on their late night diner bill. Compliment the funky retro style that is back in these days by giving your teenager this unique watch. They will quickly become the envy of all of their stylish friends!

Calculate and manage every minute of your time with this Timex timepiece

You already know Timex is a reliable watch maker. Who knew that they would also have the edgy, funky style that your teen craves? Stylish, reliable, and durable are the three details you are sure to enjoy with the amazing Timex Retro Archie Mid-Size Quartz Calculator Digital Dial Alarm Rubber Strap Watch. The watch starts out with a white plastic case and stunning matching white rubber strap. These elements keep your investment safe, even if your clumsy teenager knocks their watch off of the night stand while getting ready for school.

Providing even more solid construction, a stainless steel case back encases the impressive calculator. This product will certainly withstand anything from a romp in the woods to a rousing game of kickball. A scratch-resistant mineral crystal protects the green digital dial. So, keep yourself worry free about the grown up investment you have made for your still maturing teenager. They are going to get into some fun adventures during these years of their lives. Just know that they’ll always be one time with this watch that will stand up to any excitement they provide to it!

Talk about function, the Timex Retro Archie Mid-Size Quartz Calculator Digital Dial Alarm Rubber Strap Watch is prepared to provide all the information your teen needs in any conditions! The watch and calculator dial lights illuminate with a back light. So, your son or daughter will always be able to use it, and know the time, no matter where they are. This watch will also provide them with the stop watch function and alarm. Weather they are seeing which of their friends can eat an ice cream sundae faster, or if they are just trying to wake up for their Sunday morning job, this wonderful watch will always be there for them. Finally, a superior Quartz movement keeps time. Talk about dependability.

Three reasons to give your teenager a watch for their next big event

1. They will never again have an excuse for missing curfew, or being late to take their grandmother to lunch.

2. When they wear a watch, their elders will consider being much more respectable in the classroom or in a job interview.

3. Give them something to talk about when they go out on that awkward first date. Don’t you wish someone would have done that for you?

Quartz Movements

This featured watch is truly a gem. Made by Quartz Movements, it is sure to be a piece that your teen will prize not only in their early years, but much beyond as well. Quartz Movements are amongst the most common movements in timepieces today. However, this is true for a reason. Quartz, or silicone dioxide as it is known in scientific circles, has been used in timepieces since the 1970s. It has been relied on for centuries because when it is placed under electrical current, quartz can remain operating at a very high frequency.

Powered by a battery and microchips, quartz movements are the most accurate movements available on the market today. Not only are quartz movements dependable, they are incredibly affordable!

Plus Size Fashionista

Last week, I guest blogged over at Full- Figure Plus about the Top Ten Fashion Don’ts for the plus-size Fashionista. Today, I bring you back to the other side of the spectrum. Now that we know what you are not supposed to do when it comes to fashion, let us address the “do’s” of fashion from the plus size perspective!

Embrace Your Curves
Yes, you are a plus-sized woman- so what? You have curves that are not going away any time soon, and this is okay. So what is a plus-size Fashionista to do? Embrace your curves. Own your curves. Love your curves.  Once you come to terms with you and your beautiful curves, fashion will no longer be a hindrance but now a joy that you eagerly look forward to! In addition, the societal barriers will no longer stifle your inner Fashionista! So… have you embraced your curves yet?

Think Outside Your Traditional Fashion Box
Gone are the days when plus-size fashion was ever called fashion! We now have options that stretch way beyond Torrid, Lane Bryant, Old Navy, and Ashley Stewart. While nothing is wrong with these designers, there are so many more that bring high fashion to you! Thought you could never wear jeans? There is Svoboda, Embody Denim, and James Jeans! Dying to don a designer dress? Then rock a fabulous frock from Monif C., Qristyl Frazier, or Anna Scholz. These are only a few of those who are available to you! Get my drift? Experiment! How will you know what works for your curves, if you do not venture out?

Accessorize to Maximize
Polishing off your look has never been easier, especially now as there are more and more designers who are catching on, that not all jewelry is created equal! I would be so frustrated when wanting to buy a ring or bracelet that did not accommodate my size. A necklace that stopped just short of hitting the right mark- you know?
To complete your look, you should always fashion either earrings and a few bracelets or a necklace and a fabulous ring! Do not forget your fierce handbag and your wicked heels! Its all about your finished look for your style!

Love Thy Tailor
While many plus-size designers are paying attention to your curves, there is always a need to tailor your pieces that look custom designed for you! What a better way to make a $100 jacket look like a $500 one! Tailoring your outfit creates a polished look that pulls your outfit all together! Nothing looks worse than really cute jeans that are anchoring your curves to the ground! A dress that gapes in the hips only adds to your curves, rather than accentuate them! If you are lucky enough to not have to tailor your pieces- then this rule does not apply to you (although most women with curves will benefit from a nip and tuck of their fits!)

Invest in Your Fashion Staples
Now, I have been told by many designers for the Plus-Size woman that they hear complaints about some of their prices. While I could agree with you in this economy right now, there are few items that you MUST invest in, in order for you to build and sustain a working wardrobe!  Why? These pieces are timeless and seasonless, meaning that no matter the time of the year or whatever trend is hot, you can easily take your key item and update your wardrobe with accents rather than buying a whole new wardrobe each season. These are your classics. What are they? Every woman must have an amazing button up blouse, pair of tailored trousers, at least two pairs of butt hugging boot cut jeans (dark wash), the curve loving LBD (Little Black Dress), and a professional pant or skirt suit.

Walk with Confidence
Nothing kills an amazing outfit than an insecure person. It distracts from the outfit, only bringing attention to you and how uncomfortable you are, rather than how beautiful you are!  Yes, it does take some time to build up that confidence, but the only way you can do this, is to fake it until you make it! Wearing confidence is beautiful, allowing your beauty to reflect and enhance your fashion choices! Do not be shy or apologetic for your curves- OWN THEM!
Accentuate the Positive
Now ladies, we all have our favorite assets, yes, even you! What are they? Do you love your waist line? Then rock cinched waist belts or dresses. Love your legs?  Then show them off with shorter dresses! Basically, when you enhance whichever assets you like the best, your confidence will show through, allowing the Fashionista in you to shine! Don’t know your best feature? You probably already know without even knowing it! Ask yourself, what do you feel most comfortable in, then why? Chances are you will find a reason that relates to your best assets! Me? I love my waist and my cleavage, so I opt for pieces that enhance those curves! I am comfortable and I feel good.

Camouflage the Flaws
We all have areas we don’t necessary hate, but do not love either, and that is okay! What you do is hide those flaws! By experimenting with shapes and colors, you will learn how to hide these “flaws” and accentuate those which work for you! Now, by reading this, you are no longer able to say that your whole body is a flaw- NOT ALLOWED! I loathe my tummy and my handles, so you will often see me in a flowy top that flows away from the tummy area that has a v- neck and has an empire cut!

Have Fun and Take Risks
Clearly finding amazing fashion can be a challenge for a Plus Size Fashionista for the obvious reasons, but that should not detract from the play with fashion! With more and more emerging designers, you are able to experiment with color, shapes, fits, cuts, and pieces that you once thought “not allowed” now that designers are designing with you in mind! Never worn color? Be daring in Yellow! Never worn jeans? Be sassy in the right Skinny jeans! Never gone sleeveless? Be sexy in a strappy bra- friendly top! Get my drift?

Let your Style Define Your Curves
Each season, the fashion industry highlights the different trends, looks and styles for the season. Take these trends, digest them, and make them work for YOU! Never be dictated by your curves to only wear a particular look! Your clothes and fashion choices should define, enhance, and compliment you and all your wonderful curves! So what is your style? Laid back, boho chic, classic, trendy, or tomboy? Whichever it is, Never let your curves define your style, let your STYLE define your Curves! Keep it Curvy!

Clearly Explained Modeling Tips

How to Get Started in Modeling For Women

Is pursuing exciting jobs in the modeling network as a career one of your dreams? If so the following modeling tips for women will definitely come into handy. Most people think this job is just about looking pretty and appearing glamorous.

That is a total misconception. As with any other career it requires a lot of effort and it’s not just about the looks. It’s all about confidence!!

Do You Have the Look?

You may be pretty and have the perfect body and bone structure but still not get picked by talent managers. You then start asking yourself for advice on what could have gone wrong. Well maybe your attitude and confidence wasn’t in check. The secret to being a hot model lies in your confidence level.

You need a high degree of self-confidence in order to succeed in the modeling industry. So develop your confidence by starting at your comfort level and venturing out further as time progresses. Confidence makes you more beautiful and gets you booked by the agents.

Know where you are most suited to be

No matter whether you are auditioning for a beauty, fashion or fitness modeling job, it is essential that you go to those auditions that suit your characteristics and talent. If you are for instance a little bit heavier then you should try your luck at the plus-size auditions. If you are 5’8″ or taller with a thin build then catwalk modeling may be for you. The good thing about jobs for models is that there is a lot you can do, from listing with commercial agencies to runways.

Practice and more practice!!

As mentioned earlier, performing in the arts is not easy work. It takes a lot of practice and persistence to reach to heights of Abbey Lee Kershaw or female supermodel Kate Moss. If you want to be a high fashion model for instance, watch and learn from the experts – mainly the models themselves. They’ve done it so no use in trying to reinvent. You can develop your own style as you learn. Start working on your catwalk stroll and poise. Practice how to walk in high heels. Learn from the professional models and soon you will be more like them.

Take care of your body and face.

In the modeling industry your body and face are your biggest assets to be sure. These attributes are what will make you stand out from the crowd of competition and certainly might become what will put food on your table.

So needless to say you should take care of yourself. Eat from a healthy diet, exercise daily, and drink plenty of water. If you plan to try out for fitness or bikini modeling a personal trainer might be considered to help tone your body and lose that extra weight. A fit model is a happy model!

Your portfolio is what will sell you

Make sure your portfolio is filled with great professional photos. In many cases the outcome is determined well in advance of photo shoots. Rehearse your modeling posing in front of a mirror noticing facial expressions, which positions flatter your body and which are awkward, etc.

Get good at this! In modeling for women especially the camera can add pounds so position your form in a way that gives you that sexy and slim look.You should also show creativity in your photo shoots.

Your Pictures

Always carry your portfolio of photographs everywhere for you never know when an opportunity for women models will come knocking. A professional photo portfolio will show you in a better light than amateur shots. You don’t have to pay a fortune. Just start out with a couple of excellent full body and head shots – you can build from these later.

Do Something

My last set of modeling tips for women is to say that you have to make it happen. Sure, you might get discovered as the next top female model by walking up and down the halls at the mall – but it’s very unlikely. Better advice is to get serious, really take time to work on how to be a model and join the woman who is on the billboard in that very mall! Now, time to take control of your modeling career!

Vintage Fashion Guide

A lot of fashion trends come and go but vintage classic clothing is always in style. Vintage is great because of the versatility. By using neutral colors it is hard to mismatch anything if you keep it simple and classic. We will take you through all the styles available and help you put it all together for the perfect vintage appeal.

Vintage Denim Jeans

– Jean Styles:

* Slim Boot Fit – lean through the top, flaring out at the knee. An updated look pulling the best of the 70’s jeans fashion. Looks good with vintage western shirt.

* Flap Pocket Fit – low rise, fitted through the thigh opening to a slight flare at the knee. Hand-distressed with a worn-in look plus back flap pockets for added detail. Looks great with a vintage military style shirt.

* Straight Leg Fit – sits comfortably at the hip and fits straight through the leg and thigh. A classic fit from the 50’s and 60’s goes well with a vintage graphic tee.

* Relaxed Fit – a relaxed fit through the hip and thigh featuring a boot-cut leg opening. Perfect with a classic button-down or vintage western shirt.

Vintage Shirts

– Button-Down Styles:

* Military Shirts – inspired by vintage army shirts feature tabbed sleeves, shoulder flaps and front flap pockets. Goes with slim boot fit jeans.

* Western Shirts – a vintage essential featuring pearl snap buttons, detailed yoke stitching and unique patterns. Wear with slim boot fit jeans and vintage retro boots.

* Polo Shirts – classic fit and cotton fabric made this big in the 60’s and 70’s especially in the summer. Goes great with straight leg fit jeans and white sneakers.

* Raglan Baseball Shirt – popular in the 70’s, a classic style featuring 3/4 sleeves, ringer collar and knit cotton. Looks great with straight leg or slim boot jeans and sneakers.

– Graphic Tee Shirt Styles:

* Rock Band Tee Shirts – Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles & Woodstock graphic tees go great with relaxed fit jeans. Up your style with a blazer.

* Funny Saying Tee Shirts – a worn and faded look give a thrift store vintage feel to a past funny saying. Goes great with slim boot fit jeans and flip-flops.

* Graphic Art Tee Shirts – cool art designs give a subtle detail with jeans or with layers. Perfect with any type of jeans.


– Sunglasses: add detail with vintage inspired aviators, thick-frame square glasses and polarized sunglasses.
– Socks: bold vintage argyle patterns can add some color to your outfit.
– Hats: fedoras, drivers and trucker caps can also help pull an outfit together.

Spring Fashion Guide

Spring is a time of year when flowers reappear, nature returns to life, and new fashion trends make their appearance. The spring of 2011 holds a number of different looks and styles, from biker chic to seventies retro. Runways are already filling up with the fashion styles that are going to be ‘in’ this year, so there’s no better time to start thinking about adding a few things to your wardrobe. While bell bottoms and patterned dresses will be large components to women’s fashion this year, ladies tops will make a statement as well. Choosing tops that are in fashion and look great is important, so understanding the next year’s fashion trends is vital to keep yourself looking current and sexy.

The look of the seventies is coming back in a big way for 2011, and the popular ladies tops for the year will reflect that. Lace will find its way into many a top, and the retro look of crotchet and macrame tops will be a mainstay among fashion lovers. Not the sloppy homemade type, either. We’re talking intricate, luxurious designs. Cool, sexy, and retro, these tops will compliment a wide range of outfits and accessories. Earth tones, creams, browns, and oranges will be leading colours for crotchet and macrame tops as they lead the charge of hippie chic fashion this year.

As the weather heats up, keeping cool while looking great will be important. While halter tops and t-shirts will always have their place, one of the most popular ladies tops this year will be crop tops. Whether used to highlight the aforementioned hippie chic look, compliment a sporty look, or to add sexiness to a sophisticated, stunning outfit, crop tops will be big this year. The midriff baring tops won’t necessarily show off too much skin, either, which makes them more accessible to women who aren’t ready to show off their stomachs. More dignified cuts that show off only a bit of skin will be commonplace over the spring, and crop tops will be more popular than ever.

Colours and patterns will differ depending on the top and the look it compliments. As mentioned, crochet and macrame tops will likely stick to more subtle, earthy tones. Crop tops will vary widely in both colour and pattern, ensuring that you’ll find one to match any look. As for blouses and other classic ladies tops, stripes will continue to be popular. Nautical themed colours will be a large trend in striped tops this year. And the bright, vivid colours and flamboyant patterns that many associate with spring will once again be seen across the country. No matter what your personal tastes may be, the fashion trends of 2011’s spring will ensure that you’ll find tops that are stylish and look great on you.

Shopping Fashion Jewelry Online

Along with classic window shopping, you may want to think of attempting to shop or at a minimum take a look at fashion jewelry items online. Shopping online has become ever more popular than the traditional window-shopping, partially due to the convenience associated with the experience. Shopping online is definitely a perfect way to extend your product choice and realize really serious savings all at the same time.

Nowadays, online shopping has become appreciated and utilized by all social and age groups, as being a perfect alternative to crowded, schedule limited jewelry shops. And why shouldn’t it be so popular when it saves you precious time, effort, and money? Imagine having to find a special necklace or a pair of earrings just a few days from such holidays as Christmas, when all the jewelry stores are invaded by hundreds of people just as busy as you. Senseless hours being wasted perusing through overpriced jewelry being sold by commissioned sales associates.

Of course, the best feature of online jewelry shopping is that the prices are usually much lower than brick and mortar shops. Usually Online Fashion Jewelry Sores do not have to invest in costly show rooms and have a much lower overhead. This savings is passed on to you, and you benefit by having the same jewelry items at reduced prices. It’s time to find a better way. But, going in blind is not advisable, and it is worthwhile to learn a bit about online shopping ahead of time.

There is little doubt that online shopping is a wildly popular and wise method of getting great deals on the things you really want. But, there are pitfalls to which the uninitiated can easily fall prey. By reading the piece below, you should have the information you need, to become an online shopping pro.

When shopping online, be sure the item purchase page of the site you are on begins with “https”. The “S” means that the site is secure, which entails that you can safely enter your personal information without having to worry about identity theft. If a site does not have the “S” in it, you may want to avoid using it.

Avoid shopping on sites that aren’t familiar or have no online user reviews. No matter how much you might want to order their merchandise or how low their prices are, you just don’t know what you’re getting into. Reserve your online shopping dollars for the well-known and trusted sites that keep your info safe.

When you are shopping online, you should only shop at reputable stores. If the store does not have a good reputation, you may be asking for trouble. Some people have had their credit card and personal information stolen from shopping on less than reputable websites.

Be careful and protect your private information. When you are shopping online, be wary of who you do business with. There are many great places to do your online shopping and find great deals, but there are also unscrupulous businesses out there as well. Make sure that the site you are shopping on is secure and a site that you trust.

When it comes to shopping, be sure that you compose a list before leaving to help you make the most of your time. This is important so that you can focus on what you need to purchase and help you stay away from items that may be a waste of money and closet space.

One of the biggest signs that a piece of fashion jewelry is popular or in style at the moment is if it is displayed on the front page of an online retailer’s website. This is a great way to quickly find information on what is hot and what may not be so hot in the world of fashion jewelry.

If you are purchasing a common item, search between several websites to find the best price. This makes online shopping of fashion jewelry much easier than price shopping at physical stores, since the information is only a click away. After doing this several times, you should start to notice trends in which sites offer the best deals.

For all your Fashion Jewelry needs, make sure that you come to the right place. You can always take advantage of a one-day sale that showcases various products at insanely low deals. This set-up is perfect for gift finding, and nobody will even suspect that you got the items at extremely discounted rates.

Find Good Wholesale Fashion Styles

If you are looking to start a business that will surely usher you a good amount of profit for yourself, you may need to start your own local clothing store.

If you are running a retail shop is not quite easy as you think it is, you have to start collecting the different styles, colors and designs of the latest trendy clothes of your choice from the wholesaler shop or store.

You also have to look for the latest fashionable clothing from their website that is in vogue. This will give you the option to choose from the style and design you prefer to buy from. Another option is that you can also contact different wholesale suppliers through the online site and choose the dresses of your choice.

There are some entrepreneur who fear that when they invest money on fashion clothing, that, they won’t be able to get the money they invested back. However, this may not be the reason why you should not be conscious of where to get most of the great deals.

That is why you should try wholesale clothing because in wholesale clothing that is where to get a great discount deal that allows you to have the best deal at an affordable price.

If you want to be able to succeed, There are lots of things you have to put into consideration first. When you are into selling wholesale fashion cloths, it’s important to look for a supplier that can be able to offers good reliable deals.

The wholesale clothing have great advantage that enable you to have the best variety of cloths and good designs at lower prices.

Some times you can be the most fashionable person, at the same time looking into your budget and staying within your budget.

Another great feature of you shopping from this wholesaler is that you can easily look through their website for good design clothes and different styles.

Maternity Fashion Ideas

Not that many years ago, being pregnant meant forgoing all sense of fashion, forgetting sexiness, and simply finding a way to cover up your pregnancy in any way possible. Sweatpants, oversized t-shirts, and any larger sized men’s clothing were seen on pregnant women everywhere…and expected! Luckily for us, those times have passed. Being pregnant is now seen as a chance to show off one of life’s greatest moments, and the enormous variety of maternity fashion available demonstrates this.

Instead of hiding pregnancies, maternity fashion embraces it with flattering cuts and the latest styles, while managing to combine comfort and fashion. From dark jeans to cute tanks to sexy cocktail dresses, maternity fashion makes sure you are set for everything from everyday wear to that special New Year’s party. Know what to look for, and you will love the clothes designed especially for you during this special time in your life.

Everyone needs that perfect little black dress, LBD, and expectant mothers are no different. One of my all time favorite LBDs is the Maternal America Satin Border Dress, which is both flattering and comfortable. With an empire waist and gentle pleating, this dress is figure flattering. The wide satin band at the bottom allows this dress to be taken from day to evening wear and has the versatility of being worn to work or for an evening on the town. Another one of my favorite LBDs is the Beaded Neck Cocktail Dress from Olian Maternity. This dress is gorgeous, with a detailed beaded neckline and elegant pleating which drapes nicely over your body. Both these dresses are so fashionable that you will want to keep wearing them long after your baby is born!

Another wardrobe essential is a great pair of jeans, since they can be worn throughout the day or dressed up in the evening. The Megan Jean from Maternal America is a best seller and very flattering with a flare cut and stone wash. The wide stretchy waist band provides comfort and allows room for your belly to grow. Maternal America’s Pintuck Jean is also a great choice. A front stitched crease is very slimming, as it elongates the line of the leg. With the great stretchy waistband and flare cut, these are sure to become a favorite. Pair jeans with a basic white tea, a cute blouse, or a chunky sweater, and you are guaranteed a fashionable yet comfortable outfit.

A basic t-shirt or tank is very important to any wardrobe, as it can be used in several different ways. Great by itself in the warmer months or for layering during the cooler months, a few great t-shirts are essential to every wardrobe. The Maternity Baby Tee from Shade Maternity Clothing is a basic essential t-shirt every wardrobe needs. Seamless and soft, it looks great paired with anything from jeans to a skirt to your sweats. When looking for a tank, one of my favorites is Bella Band Essentials’ Everyday Cami. Ultra-soft and with an extra long cut, this seamless tank will keep you covered and comfortable throughout all stages of your pregnancy. Great for layering, you will want to keep wearing this tank long after your baby is born. Coming in a variety of basic colors, it’s a great staple to stock up on.

A final necessity in every wardrobe is a versatile top or blouse that can be worn from a lunch date or to the office and then to an evening out. A favorite of mine is the Jersey Cross Over Maternity/Nursing Top from Japanese Weekend. A flattering cut and a variety of gorgeous colors make this top both versatile and incredibly figure flattering. It looks great paired with jeans or a skirt! The Maternal America Mock Cami Maternity/Nursing Top is another great everyday option. The deep v-neck with a mock cami and empire waist cut is incredibly flattering. I love this look paired with dark jeans and ballet flats!

Overall, your pregnancy is a time to experiment with the fashion created just for you. At the cutting edge of all styles, maternity fashion combines comfort and style to make you look and feel your best. Pepper your wardrobe with a few basic essentials, and you will look and feel great throughout your pregnancy.

Wedding Fashion Ideas

The month of December is most likely to be one of the best month of the year to get married. There are several reasons why Holiday wedding is quite very popular. One is, you can have your wedding location already decorated for the holidays so you don’t need to have a lot of decorations to complete the wedding theme.

Lets start with wedding outfits. If you decide get married this year, you’ll need to order necessary outfits as soon as possible. Your choices of wedding outfits may limit you just a bit as to which designers you can use since some of the wardrobes may take several months to get back. Of course, you want to choose your own bridal dress, then your attendants’ outfits is next. If you want to go with velvets and other rich fabrics, feel free to do so.

Another details are your decorations such as flowers. Flowers can be anything, from roses to orchids. You may select a good florist and then take a picture of your dress with you. A florist can help you select what type of flowers and style that will work best to decorate the ceremony venue as well as the reception hall. Apart from that, she or he can play different styles of bouquet you can choose from. One of the most popular December flower you may want to consider is Poinsettia. This flower work well for the altar décor as well as flower arrangements on the reception tables.

Indeed, small details can be very important to your wedding. As much as you want to share your own personal touch, it is still highly advisable to consider hiring a coordinator to assist you. If not a wedding planner, you may consider getting a book that could help you with your wedding. Or, another source could be the Internet where you can find lots of wedding guides and advices that can be very helpful to you. There are different good wedding sites that have articles and tips all about weddings.

Wedding gifts, of course these are very common in a wedding. Traditionally, gifts for the bride and groom are something that they can use in building their new life together. Gifts like house wares are always anticipated. However, today’s fashion trend of wedding gifts are quite different with traditional ones. Though traditional gifts can be very useful but giving unique, fashionable gift is very much appreciated. How to find them? Search again the Internet, you’ll will see tons and tons of items which you don’t expect can make unique and special gifts for the couple. In addition to that, there are now available custom-made products which enables you to add your own touch: from a simple picture stand to engraved special picture frame.

Lastly, are wedding favors. Favors are little items that serve as thank gifts to the guests. Of course, these little items can be very stylish and fashionable as well, depending on the wedding theme. Plethora of choices for these items are also available everywhere, you might want to check again several suggestion using the Internet. Fashionable favors include personalized coaster wedding favors, place card holders, candle and soap favors, favor boxes and the likes. Your choices for trendy wedding ideas is endless, it is up to you on how to find and use them.